About ICYC

Why would 60 grown men and women take a full week of their vacation to travel to Indian Creek Youth Camp in the hills and hollows of West Alabama with 190 children? Why would these normally intelligent people leave the comforts of their own beds to sleep on thin mattresses inside a small cabin that doesn’t even have running water? Why would adults, accustomed to the comforts of daily American life give up their nice, master baths to use a concrete block bath house that sometimes has no hot water? It’s for the kids! In operation since the 1970’s Indian Creek Youth Camp has seen thousands of young people enter its gates and grow in the faith with Jesus Christ. While the camp is plenty of fun it is the emphasis on the Bible that makes ICYC special. During our week of camp the schedule called for about 4 hours of Bible study or worship each day. In addition, some campers participated in the Bible Bowl in which they answered difficult questions from our theme Bible book.


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Helping shape better citizens through Biblical teaching, by living as Christian examples, & with loving encouragement.