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Indian Creek Youth Camp needs YOU; all of YOU!

by Kip Green – Morris church of Christ Spring has sprung. Winter has begun to fight and claw for one last snap. All of nature’s elements lead into the beginning of Summer! What a boost of adrenaline that creates in Continue reading →
By : Burt Fuller | May 4, 2019

The Happiest Place On Earth

by Tom Larkin – Union church of Christ, Somerville, AL Even though another place claims the designation, “the happiest place on earth,” there is no doubt that Indian Creek Youth Camp is a place filled with happiness and joy. Its Continue reading →
By : Burt Fuller | May 4, 2019

Investing In Indian Creek Youth Camp

by David Courington There are not many things I love like I do Indian Creek Youth Camp. What is not to love?  The first day I laid eyes on the creek, the point, the cow cumber trees, I loved it Continue reading →
By : David Courington | Jan 11, 2019

‘Church Camp’ Means Something Different to Everyone

by Travis Harmon When I was a kid, ‘camp’ just meant a week that I didn’t have to work and a week that I could spend socializing with my friends. However, as I’ve grown older, my role at camp has changed Continue reading →
By : Burt Fuller | Jan 11, 2019