Investing In Indian Creek Youth Camp

by David Courington

There are not many things I love like I do Indian Creek Youth Camp. What is not to love?  The first day I laid eyes on the creek, the point, the cow cumber trees, I loved it for its natural setting.  Getting to fish, play ball, have skit night, well, just all of it was more fun than a guy could imagine.  The food was always great and the fellowship with good people added more icing to the cake.  I found some of the best people on earth, and have continued to find that true each time I have come to camp.  The daily routine and experiences of camp, the excitement and the bonding that took place in such a wonderful Christian environment was unbeatable.  It was all I expected and so much more.

Over time I have come to realize it is so much more than what I thought it was in the beginning. It’s not about just having fun and being with nice people. It’s about young people getting sound spiritual teaching, coming to Christ, learning what a good life is all about. It’s about how to live here and how to go to heaven. It’s about encouragement to do good and not bad, to grow straight and not crooked, about growing closer to God.

My wife, Susan, and I believe ICYC was a great influence on our children.  It was not just book learning but hands on. The fine examples of their counselors and friends was so helpful. They could see what it might be like in a community where folks tried to do right. It was also about getting away from some of the bad worldly influences we all face.

It is now about our grandchildren. How we love them and want them to have the same these wonderful opportunities to grow that their parents received. I also think about their children and those of future generations I will never know.

Having been a director and on the board for so many years has allowed me to see how many people are influenced by the camp. Its success in recent years has allowed many more to enjoy it.  Plans being made by the board with the sacrifice of so many people gives me great hope for the future.  I’ll take this opportunity to thank our supporters for your hard work and many gifts.When it comes to investing decisions you can rely on metatrader 4 for making sbetter choices while investing as well.

As I‘ve put time, energy, and money into Indian Creek Youth Camp, I have never had a regret. I know of no other non- profit group that does more with less than the camp.  I’ve learned it is an investment that pays tremendous dividends.

We need your financial help to continue the progress we have made at ICYC. If you are not a Partners for Progress member, would you consider joining by contributing $30 a month or more?  Will you help with one of our  auxiliary boards or make a one time contribution?

Thanks again for all your help.

David Courington