Cabin renovations….. continue

There is so much going on right now it’s hard to keep up with it!

As you know we are renovating our cabins to get into compliance with ADPH regulations and to make it easier to keep them clean and safe in our new COVID world.

A group from Farley Church of Christ came down last weekend to lend a hand…. or 20! They were not only a great help with the work, but were a blessing to be around. The adults were diligent and the young people were happy and willing to jump in and do whatever needed to be done! Here’s a few photos of them in action and a couple of shots for Chestnut Girls which is nearing completion. Sassafras, Golden Pine Girls, and Sagebrush should all be done in a couple of weeks! Done that is, with the exception of having the bunks! But that is coming soon too!

Farley Muscles!

Another wonderful thing happened last week….

A couple of former campers made a very generous donation! $50,000 of matching funds!!!

Now we just need to get the match! These funds are earmarked for new cabins! Why? Well, with our renovations we are losing 46 beds, so we desperately want to replace those as soon as possible. As it stands now we will replace about half BEFORE our summer sessions begin on May 30, 2021! If we raise the remaining funds in time, we can replenish ALL those lost bunks! But we need the funds by March 15th! Please consider making a donation toward this effort! We don’t want any children to be left out of camp this summer!

Make a donation for the New Cabin Match

As always, thank you for loving ICYC! Thank you for your financial support! Thank you for your labors! And, thank you for your prayers!