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Apologetics Press Camp (Christian Evidences)

Pre-teen Week

The first week of the summer is set aside as a special week for younger campers.  Children from 7 to 12 are the focus for the week and all the activities and classes geared for this age group.  It is the perfect time for first-time campers to get their feet wet with camp.  During Pre-teen Week we have more counselors than other weeks so the campers have more supervision and more interaction with adults.  There are always a lot of smiles during Pre-teen Week!

Week 8

Week 8 is directed by Jerry Martin.  Jerry and his wife, Denise, have been working with ICYC for over 20 years.  For most of that time their week was “Teen Week”.  Now their week is open to ages 7-22, but has an emphasis on teens.  Jerry works diligently to select topics that are appropriate for teens and that will equip and encourage them to stand firm for Christ.  Classes and activities are primarily suited for teens, but there are also classes and activities for pre-teens.

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