Indian Creek Youth Camp is a “Christian” camp operated and staffed by members of the church of Christ. Campers will receive religious instruction during each session.  Our curricula are taken directly from the Bible, not from any “denominational” creed or doctrine.  Campers are ONLY presented information and are not “pressured” by teachers, counselors, or staff to make religious decisions or commitments.

Check-in and Drop off:  2pm on Sunday.  PLEASE DO NOT GO DIRECTLY TO THE CABIN AREAS!!!

ALL campers must be checked for head lice BEFORE going to the cabin area.

Pick up: Friday between 10 and 12 noon.  Early check outs must be coordinated with the week’s director or the camp administrator.

Please drive with extreme caution during “check-in” and “pick up”.   There will be many people walking around.  Many of them will be excited children who aren’t watching for moving automobiles.   Parking is allowed in the cabin areas only during “check-in” and “pick up” times.

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