Indian Creek Youth Camp needs YOU; all of YOU!

by Kip Green – Morris church of Christ

Spring has sprung. Winter has begun to fight and claw for one last snap. All of nature’s elements lead into the beginning of Summer! What a boost of adrenaline that creates in the buzz around camp. Calendars open, schedules bare and priorities discussions reside in the middle of our families projections. Too many ideas about the weeks approaching with too little time to clarify each complicate all of it. But what a time is coming and the excitement building for each moment.

As the season arrives, fund raising has continued throughout the previous year and planning continues for events that exist for the sole purpose of lifting the camp season for the gospel to be taught to our children; the future in our sight presently. Lessons for each session are being written, repairs as needed being made at assigned work days, ongoing daily as required and long term/long range visions taking hold only persist to increase our level of drive for successful obedience. Whether a congregation of loving members that never will be able to make it to the camp physically or active supporters praying and lifting the camp to the Father; the Church in totality focuses on progress for campers.

Individually, campers are writing (texting now a days) each other in hopes of renewing relationships and deepening friendships that last a lifetime. Campers wonder which cabin they will inhabit. Counselors wonder which campers will be promoted to their cabin and which campers will move up to the next level. Directors prepare for balanced teaching, speaker assignments and logistics like cooks and menus.

Thing is, reaching everyone with Jesus remains paramount throughout all of the hopes and dreams for all of us. “What is needed?”, you may ask. Indian Creek Youth Camp needs YOU; all of YOU!