1. What is P4P?
    1. Partner for Progress is a donation program that gives back.  For monthly donations of at least $30/month, you get camp credit!  The details for each donation level is included on the signup page.
  2. I need to update my PayPal / Aplos donations to the new levels. How do I do that?
    1. PayPal:
      1. First, you need to cancel your current “subscription”.  Here are the instructions from PayPal on how:  Go to PayPal.
      2. Second, set up your new subscription.  Using our signup form is the simplest way to go:  P4P Signup
    2. Aplos:
      1. Contact our office for assistance.
  3. “I don’t like the new requirements!”
    1. Sorry about that.  ICYC is the only camp that we know of that provides a program like P4P.  Since it is ICYC’s program it is completely up to the Board of Trustees to make the rules for P4P as it feels best serve our camp and our supporters.  The intention of P4P is such that our supporting families are able to attend at a reasonably discounted rate AND ICYC receives the funding necessary to operate.
  4. Who can attend on my P4P account?
    1. Any of the members of your household.  If they live in your house, they can attend on your P4P account.
  5. Can I use P4P for my grandchildren?
    1. Grandchildren can attend on your P4P account BUT only those from one household.  Multiple households will require multiple P4P accounts.
  6. Why do I have to use monthly autopay?
    1. You don’t.  Other options are available, but automatic payments are required.
  7. Do I have to use PayPal?
    1. No.  Our donations are processed via Aplos and can be made by e-check or ACH.  Whatever method you select must be an automatic electronic payment method.  Contact our office for more information.
  8. Why did P4P change?
    1. For a couple of reasons.
      1. We needed to be able to count on a dependable cash flow throughout the year.  Requiring monthly payments helps us plan.
      2. With expenses rising every year, it was time to make an adjustment.  P4P went unchanged for 10 years.
  9. Does everyone in my family have to come to camp the same week?
    1. No, BUT if any family members attend a week, it counts the same as if all members attended.  We simply do not have the means to track attendance that closely.
  10. Can I make a lump sum payment?
    1. Yes, but it will not be credited for P4P.  We welcome any and all donations, but the requirements for P4P include a monthly donation.
  11. Why do I have to use PayPal/Aplos?
    1. Again, it is one of the requirements to participate in P4P.  Automated electronic donation reduce the work load on our staff. Aplos is dependable, safe, and secure and eliminates handling paper checks.
  12. What if I decide to stop making donations?
    1. No problem, as long as you have fulfilled your commitment to ICYC.  P4P payments must cover one calendar year (Jan to Dec).  If any of your family members attend any camp sessions, you are obligated for 12 months worth of donations.  If you attend camp and then stop your donations before the end of the year, you are stealing from ICYC and our other supporters.