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Indian Creek Youth Camp receives less than half of its operating funds from camp fees we receive from those who attend camp each summer.  The remaining funds come from fundraising efforts, memorial donations, and donations from folks who just want to help out.


Here are some suggested ways you can help.


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Building renovation, a memorial for a loved one, or something else. Make a donation right now, for any reason or no reason at all!

Over 150 congregations are represented during our summer sessions.

Currently, only 19 support ICYC financially on a regular basis.

Find out how to get your congregation started.

You can check out our Wish List!

The items in the list are specific to our current needs.

Last updated: 2/13/2023

Contact the director for the week you are interested in:

Week 1: Rob Gurganus
Week 2: Eric Lyons
Week 3: Kyle Gilpin or Chance Hicks
Week 4: David Courington or Paul Kelsey
Week 5: Clark Sims or Bryant Evans
Week 6: Alex Bayes
Week 7: Alan Middleton or Colin Middleton
Week 8: Anthony Gant

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