The information below is a summarization of our Income Statement as of 8/31/2023.

If you would like more detailed information,

please contact our office at 205-686-9079 or


Donations for specific projects or with specific designations made to Indian Creek Youth Camp are considered “restricted funds” and will be used for the designated project.
The Board of Trustees reserves the right to redesignate any “restricted funds” to the “General Fund” in situations it deems to be an emergency or exceptional situation as determined by a majority vote of trustees.
Any funds in excess of a project’s expenses are automatically reassigned as “General Fund” and may be used at the discretion of the Board of Trustees of Indian Creek Youth Camp.



Donations (includes P4P, memorials, scholarships, & congregational support)   $80,263.23

Camp Activities (includes camp fees, store rentals, etc)                                        $148,212.97

Fundraising & General (includes dinners, aux boards, etc)                                       $30,723.56

Capital Improvements (includes new buildings & renovations)                              $11,711.75

Total Income                                                                                                                $277,911.51


Facilities (includes equipment, materials, fuel, tools, etc)                                        $52,864.89

Camp Activities (includes registration, food, store merch, crafts, etc)                   $77,015.40

Fundraising & General (includes advertising, social media, etc)                               $4,566.21

Capital Improvements                                                                                                   $17,737.03

Utilities                                                                                                                             $48,950.09

Operational (includes payroll, insurance, office exp, bank exp, regulatory, etc)    $74,117.43

Total Expenses                                                                                                            $275,251.05

Net Income (Loss)                   $2,660.46