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How can I pay my camp fees?

      • If you’ve registered and only paid the deposit or if you were moved off a waitlist into a session, you will need to pay the balance of fees.  You will need to login to your account to make these payments.  Please follow this link

I’m trying to register and it’s not working!!!!!  HELP!!!

      • First, understand that there are a ton of “moving parts” here and the problem could be in any one of those parts.   Browser types and even operating systems make a difference sometimes. So it’s hard to do tech support on every problem.  The best way to address an issue with the system not working is:
          • If you are getting an error code or the problem is related to payment processing, please contact directly.
          • Otherwise, clear your browser history and restart your browser.  Then try to register again.
          • Clear your browser history and   restart your phone/desktop/laptop/tablet.  Then try it again.
          • Try a different browser or device. Generally, it is better/easier to complete the registration on a laptop or desktop.
          • Still doesn’t work? Contact our office.

How do I use a coupon code when I register?

      • During check out there is a box to enter the code. You can see it highlighted yellow in the example here.  Click the  image  to  enlarge.

I don’t have my Partners for Progress or congregational discount coupon code! Help!

      • Partners for Progress coupons are usually sent out in January each year (January 16th in 2023).  If you didn’t receive one there are a couple of possible answers:
          • It went to your junk folder.  
          • It went to an old email address.  We use the email you used to establish your P4P account.
          • There was an issue with donations and a coupon was not sent.  Before contacting our office, check to be sure your donations have been being processed.  Older accounts process thru PayPal while accounts established since 2019 are processed thru Aplos.  If yours is a PayPal account, go to and check the status.  If you have an Aplos account you can get more information here,

My coupon code is not working! What do I do?

      • If you want to make sure you don’t loose your spot, complete the registration and pay the $40 deposit.  Contact our office for help.  Sometimes the codes not properly set up in the system or may have been used too many times.  We will investigate and if the code is still valid, it will be corrected and applied to your registration.  Once the coupon is applied, a refund will be issued for the amount you initially paid.

Why does charge a processing fee?

        • Because they have invested a huge amount of time and money in developing this system!  Also, part of those fees you see cover the payment processing fees charged by banks and card companies.

How do I change my recurring donation?

      •  If your donations are being made thru PayPal you will need to sign in to your PayPal account and make the changes there.  If your donations are made thru Aplos you can follow this link for instructions on how to update your donation.

Where can I find the summer schedule?

Ok, I registered, I’m done. Right?

      • Well, yes and no.  Completing the process is only the beginning.  In fact, it is really more of an application than an true registration.  Once you complete the part, the director of the week you selected will be notified that someone registered.  They will then “approve” your application.  This usually gets done within 14 days or so but sometimes takes longer.  There are many factors that play in to the approval process.  Almost everyone eventually gets approved but it depends on space, is there a need for you (if you registered as staff), are you there appropriate age for the session, to name a few.  If you are not approved because there is not enough space you can receive a refund of any fees that you’ve paid.  Deposits are not refundable in most other situations.  It is best to contact our office to check the status of any potential refunds.

Can I rent ICYC for a wedding or family reunion?

      • Yes! ICYC is available for rentals outside from March 1 thru May 15 and from the end of our Summer sessions until Thanksgiving.  Our rental fees are very reasonable and you get the use of the entire facility, except the pools.  More information is available on our REGISTER & RESERVE page.

What does my child need to bring for camp?

      • We have a suggestion list on our REGISTER & RESERVE page.  Scroll down to “General Rules” and expand the list.

Why are there camp fees?

      • Well, because there are expenses.  Each year ICYC receives about half of the necessary operating funds from our camp fees.  The other half comes from fundraising efforts, contributions from supporting congregations, and from donations.  If you’d like more information about out financial situation, click here.

Are there scholarships available for summer sessions?

      • Usually.  If you are in need of financial assistance contact the director of the week you wish to attend and discuss your situation with him.  The director may pass you to our administrator for more information.  We try to use these scholarships for people who would not be able to attend without help.  If at all possible, please pay as much as you are able so that funds can be used to help others in need.

Can I bring my dog to camp?

      • No.  There are many, many children at camp, some who may not be comfortable with dogs or may not know how to properly treat a dog.  We certainly do not want any children to be injured or frightened.  Any pets allowed on the premise must have proof of proper vaccinations.  Also, there is a “camp dog” on the premises and she may or may not like your dog, so please leave your dog at home so we avoid any unnecessary drama! 

What will my donation be used for?

      • That depends!  Funds that are donated without a designation go into our General Fund for general operations.  Funds that are designated for a specific project or need are held and used for that project, with some exception.  The Board of Trustees reserves the right to redirect donation in exceptional circumstances.  Please refer to the “Disclaimer” at the bottom of this page.