From the Board of Trustees – 1/10/2023

Hello from Indian Creek Youth Camp!


Summer 2023 is coming fast and registration opens in just a few weeks.  We are looking forward to our best summer yet and are excited about the continued renovations and additions to ICYC!


Before we get into the registration season, the Board of Trustees wanted to update you all about some changes to our fee schedule.


It has been a few years since our fees increased and with the current state of our economy and particularly the current rate of inflation, it has become more and more difficult for ICYC to meet operational expenses.  In 2022, many of our food items increased more than 30%!!  This resulted in our overall “Food & Supplies” category increased more than 26% for the summer!!  In fact, we saw increases across the board in all our expense categories for 2022.

After considering the situation very carefully and after several meetings discussing it, the Board decided that an increase in fees was necessary.  Since it has always been the goal of the Board to make camp as inexpensive as possible so that we can maximize attendance, a modest increase to $250/week for campers and to $100/week for staff, staff children, and K-helpers was settled upon.


These fee increases will not affect the Partners for Progress (P4P) program, but the Board decided to freeze enrollment in P4P until some future date.  So at this time we will not accept any new enrollments in P4P.  If you are a current member in P4P, you may continue to support ICYC and enjoy the benefits of the program. 


We thank you for your understanding and continued support.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Board President, Alan Middleton, or any of our Board members.  These good men are servant-minded and would welcome your input.  Contact information for Alan and our other Board members can be found on our “About” page on the website.


We pray for a prosperous and healthy 2023 for you all and we look forward to seeing you this summer!


On behalf of the ICYC Board of Trustees, 

Burt Fuller

ICYC Administrator

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